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Letter Tray Paper Organizer Desk Organizers and Accessories


  • Multi-functional design: This file organizer is a very practical office tool. It has four levels and can hold files, folders, books and other office supplies to help you better organize and sort. Not only that, the desktop file organizer is designed to allow you to stand the folder up, allowing you to easily consult and access the files you need.
  • High quality materials: The standing desktop folder is made of high quality materials and is durable. Its sturdy construction and stable support legs ensure that the folder is not easy to collapse or shake during use, ensuring that your files are safe and secure.
  • Space-saving design: The four-tiered design of this file folder holder is designed to maximize the space savings on your office desktop. You can put folders in the corner of your desk, not only does it not take up too much space, but it also keeps your desk clean and organized.
  • Simple and stylish appearance: The file folder holder for desk organizer uses a simple and stylish appearance design, suitable for a variety of office environments. Its black color scheme matches most office decor styles without being obtrusive and enhances the overall beauty of your work area.
  • Multi-scenario application: In addition to the office, this desk organizer can also be used in the home, school, library and other places. Whether you’re working, studying, or reading from your desk, this multi-layer folder provides the convenience to make your work and study more efficient.


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