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Green Clear Microwave Splatter Cover



Our cover for microwave splatter can block the loss of some heat and steam when heating food, thereby accelerating the heating speed of food and reducing the risk of overflow.

The microwave cover for food with handle design allows for easy picking up and placing of the cover in the microwave, making it convenient for you during the heating and cooking process.The handle is insulated, no need to worry about getting burned.

Avoid touching the transparent cover after heating. The inner dimension is 9.5*9.5*4.2 inches, outside is 11.8*10.2*4.5 inches.

Our upgraded microwave food cover with a water storage box, adds water before use, can increase humidity, and help maintain the moisture and taste of food. This tall microwave plate cover with a dome design avoids contact with foods. Please rotate the green 360° adjustable vent to the exhaust state when heating.

Our microwave splatter guard with handle comes with additional functions, such as being used as a cover plate for containers to keep food warm, food covers for outside, keeping fresh in the refrigerator, and so on.

This microwave splatter cover can only be used in microwave mode, and it is forbidden to use the grill, light wave, combination, or hot air convection mode. The temperature does not exceed 392℉ and the heating time does not exceed 4 minutes to avoid hot water burns. Recommends hand washing only.


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