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12″ Microwave food Cover & Mat


Material: Silicone, Plastic

Color: 12″ cover & 12″ mat

Item Weight: 11.68 ounces


12 Inchs Microwave Cover and Mat: Mat as bowl Holder, Cover as a splatter guard, not only keeps your microwave clean but also can prevent burns. They are the perfect match for a home microwave.

Easy Handshake Folding Microwave Cover: The new generation microven serving covers can be hung, the finger grip on top is deeper, easy to shake hands, and the high-quality silicone is easier to fold, This item replaced a solid plastic noncollapsible microwave splatter guard.

Cover Easy To Use And Storage: Microwave Splatter Guard Diameter is 12 inches, suitable for plates up to 11.8 inches, It fits most bowls and plates, The height of the food cover can be freely changed from 0.8 to 3.6 inches. It’s easy to store.

Thickened Multifunctional Mat:2.2mm silicone pot mat has better heat resistance, honeycomb textures, and edges making it easier to grab.  used as a baking mat, microwave pads, placemat, drying mat, hot pad, pot holder, splatter guard, trivet, food cover, utensil rest, jar opener, and more.

Premium Silicone Mat: BPA-free, nonstick, heat resistant to 240 degrees Celsius. dishwasher safe, The multi-purpose mat measures 12 inches in diameter and fits standard glass turntables, perfect for use as a nonstick base or splatter guard to confine messes in the microwave.


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